Hello Soundview Academy family,

Proper Uniform for SVA Scholars:
Soundview Academy’s uniform consists of short or long sleeve Cardinal Red polo shirts or sweaters with the SVA school logo. Cardinal Red polo shirts must be worn with black pants or black cargo pants. 

SVA Polo will be available for purchase at the school on  Tuesday August 31,2021 - Friday September 3,2021 from 10am -2pm. 

SVA Girls’ uniform details:

Cardinal Red polo shirts with black pants/skirts or cargos. In warmer weather, long shorts or shorts that extend to the knees.

SVA Boys’ uniform details:
Cardinal Red  polo shirts; black or cargo pants. In warmer weather, long shorts or shorts that extend to the knees. 

No sweatshirts, jeans, leggings, tights, sandals, flip flops, slippers, open-toed shoes or other unsafe footwear. Sweaters are plain and must conform to our official school colors of cardinal red. 

Gym Day Uniform

Proper Gym Uniform for SVA Scholars:
Plain Black sweatpants with or without pockets. No form-fitting sweatpants, or designer’s logo or graphic design on the sweatpants. Also, scholars must wear a cardinal red t-shirt. All sweaters must be cardinal red for the gym. No designer’s logo or graphic designs are permitted.

Students must wear appropriate rubber-soled sneakers to every phys ed class.  Our uniform is the way we represent the greatness of Soundview Academy, our Scholars, and our Community...

Thank you for your support!

The SVA Team